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Dedicated to Saving and Changing People's Lives through Better Breathing

Linda's Breath is the world’s first nonprofit foundation and center devoted foremost to building access for patients to free or subsidized breathing care, building the first knowledge portal to provide access to all breathing-related topics, practitioners, facilities, researchers, science, studies and treatments, and building outstanding new educational programs, all under state-of-the-art organizational design.

Linda's Breath's unique strengths enable us to design leading-edge programs to provide access for patients to the best care available, and to be an unbiased, medically trustworthy source of free information. Our discovery initiatives are focused on finding and facilitating the best researchers and scientists to develop the most effective strategies to help, control, prevent, and ultimately cure breathing-related disorders. Our education initiatives include programs being designed to help train future physicians and scientists, programs to discover and develop new emerging diagnostic and treatment options, and especially, programs to fulfill a critical part of our mission, to distribute leading-edge, reliable, complete, and up to date medical information and support for patients and their loved ones so they can make the best decisions for their lives.

We expect the knowledge and experience we are gaining every day will have significant impacts on treatments and biomedical research worldwide, and especially, will help improve the lives and save the lives of breathing disorder patients via our website and offline programs. The right information can mean the difference between life and death for patients. Patients need to know what to expect, physically and mentally, and have access to the best remedies, understand the practical solutions, and have sources of encouragement to rise above and overcome the many challenges from these disorders. Linda’s Breath is committed to being a compassionate resource for treatment related issues and producing the worldwide reservoir of expertise that is indispensable to recovery and renewal.

As a young nonprofit, Linda’s Breath expects to achieve success in many arenas. We are designing excellent educational articles, papers, and webinars. We have designed a sophisticated organizational structure to grow pragmatically yet as quickly as possible our staff and Advisory Council of highly talented, highly committed, people, recognizing that significant leadership and careful planning is required to take the organization to the levels necessary to help very large numbers of patients. It is imperative for Linda’s Breath to secure a solid base of funding, to support our planned growth so that our services can reach more patients and their loved ones with ever greater impacts.

Linda’s Breath is launching its new strategic plan and key initiatives. We are committed to dramatic growth of our reach and programs. However, we absolutely cannot achieve this without significant growth in funding and organizational infrastructure.

Linda’s Breath’s most pressing challenge is its funding, increasing the diversity and depth of its donor base and securing sustainable funding. The long-term goal for Linda’s Breath is to present all of its programs and services free of charge to patients. Linda’s Breath has no source of sustainable revenue. Our diversified funding plan is to get support from philanthropists, foundations, individuals, corporations, and other sources. Moving forward, we will grow our corporate and individual giving programs, and diversify and expand our funding opportunities. The development of large endowments is the ultimate perfect solution. Endowments totaling several hundred million dollars would produce steady income from interest and investments, eliminating the very large effort required otherwise.

Looking ahead toward the next few years, we are focused on achieving five key strategic initiatives we developed during our recent planning process:

  1. Patient Assistance. The number one goal for Linda’s Breath is to provide patients with access to free or subsidized treatment options. Historically published data shows at least 700 million people worldwide have breathing disorders, and new analysis shows this number could be 9 to 10 percent of the entire population of the planet. If each patient receives treatment on the order of several thousand dollars, clearly the size of the problem is enormous. We are developing grant and philanthropic proposals to raise $100 million+. In the short term, we need to bring in at least several million dollars right away to hire staff, build key foundational resources, and develop strategic plans for the programs needed to deliver help to every possible patient.
  2. Internet. Linda’s Breath is committed to building its future through leading edge technology. Linda’s Breath plans to use rapidly changing Internet technology to reach patients and their loved ones in the most effective and innovative ways possible. Interactive programs and personalized approaches to the delivery of information are among the exciting opportunities that can transform the way patients and their loved ones receive information that addresses their specific questions.
  3. Languages. To reach patients and their loved ones across the world, Linda’s Breath must culturally adapt its website and materials in as many languages as possible. We have identified translations and reaching all populations as key priorities.
  4. Diseases. Patients still receive most of their medical information through live interactions and through print media, Linda’s Breath is committed to providing accurate and understandable medical information about breathing disorders. Linda’s Breath expects to become the go-to organization for the media, which requires a dramatic media presence.
  5. Videos & Webinars. Another key strategic priority for Linda’s Breath is to develop and provide programs that offer insights for both patients and doctors about how to nurture the critical relationship between doctors and their patients. We will help leading practitioners produce videos and webinars to deliver to audiences around the world. Finding ways to disseminate such programs and to develop additional programs that address this important topic is critical to helping patients and doctors create the strong, positive relationships that are key to the best patient outcomes.

All of these initiatives require significant resources of money. We’d love to hear from you — your ideas, suggestions, recommendations, and yes, your money, can all help us insure that we reach the many millions of patients around the world who desperately need the support that Linda’s Breath will provide.


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