Advisory Council

The Linda’s Breath Advisory Council

Linda’s Breath is at a pivotal point in our early organizational development. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focuses on helping patients understand how to improve their lives through better breathing, and we need good people to join the Advisory Council who are passionate about helping our fellow humans.

The Linda’s Breath Advisory Council is designed to be a multivariate body, and needs at least 100 Members to successfully support our mission and cause, including academic researchers, corporate leaders, educators, fundraising experts, industry researchers, leaders of government organizations, leaders of manufacturing companies, NGO leaders, non-profit leaders, patients, professional organizations, respiratory care professionals, scientific investigators, technical society leaders, university leaders, etc.

  • The Council is our “go-to” think tank, to help answer patient’s questions, recommend scientific research strategies, develop important projects and new ideas, and provide guidance on a variety of issues.
  • Advisory Council members can help develop and guide our agendas.
  • Council Members can help develop and narrate webinars to educate patients.
  • Members can help find benefactors, sponsors and donors.
  • Council Members can help develop the many grants programs and campaigns needed.
  • In the scientific arena, Advisory Council members will help develop plans to promote research aimed at transcending current research barriers, and developing innovative approaches to solve the airway clearance field’s most challenging problems.
  • In the treatments arena, Advisory Council members can help propel airway clearance treatments, by facilitating collaboration between researchers and commercial companies, fostering and encouraging airway clearance clinical trials, and accelerating development of better therapies.
  • In the funding arena, Advisory Council members can help support the strategic planning, development and funding of the Linda’s Breath Impact Funds.
  • The Impact Funds are designed as a series of funds over the years to come, starting with the first pool of at least $10 million to be used to provide free or subsidized support for treatments for patients.
  • Later Impact Funds will help support the best research and Advisory Council members will help develop and guide our medical scientific strategy and grants programs.
  • Potential Board Directors can use the Advisory Council as a “stepping stone” so that we can get to know each other before joining the Board.

Please help by joining the Advisory Council and dedicating a few hours a month or a year, share our mission on your social media, become ambassadors, help find benefactors… any and all of the above.

As a member of the Advisory Council, you have the option to participate in meetings typically quarterly via conference call which will be kept to 90 minutes or less. You receive a small amount of emails with Council announcements, available tasks, etc. and you decide whether or not to respond. Council Members will also be invited to participate in our future annual conference and retreat. Our hope is to bring in enough budget to have the first conference in 2019.

Advisory Council Members benefit from the high stature of the position, as trusted ambassadors who help spread the important messages of patient needs and help promote the critically-important cause to help patients breathe better.

Please join us or nominate great people at this link and help serve the community, assist with education, assist with knowledge, assist with research, and assist us to help patients.

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