Later Stages of Our Capital-Raising Campaign Program Design

We are in the later stages of designing our capital-raising campaign. We are setting our capital program goals to raise at least $100 million annually. While this may appear to be a large amount, the number of patients worldwide needing help is over 700 million people. With such a huge patient population, we have to raise as much as possible to make lives better and to save lives.

So far, we have identified several hundred major philanthropic sources. We expect the final list to exceed 3,000 people and organizations.

We are setting the time lines to launch the campaign before September 1, and the campaign to run at least 18 months.

We need help raise money. Please join the Advisory Council here, or please submit your proposals here to become a trusted provider of capital raising services.

You can also learn more about our funding philosophies and our Ideal Funding Strategies here.

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